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COVID-19 Update

April 7, 2020 Please be advised that, under order of the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador and from the Government of Quebec, all passengers travelling on commercial flights must be either considered essential, travelling home or travelling for essential medical purposes. If passengers do not meet this criteria, they will be denied boarding on PAL Airlines. Also, in addition to the existing prohibition against passengers connecting to our flights from outside Canada, PAL Airlines will also no longer allow boarding for passengers connecting onto our aircraft from other Canadian Provinces. Passengers to whom this circumstance applies are encouraged to immediately find suitable arrangements that will allow for the completion of the recommended 14-day self-isolation. For additional information with regards to the conditions under which travel on PAL Airlines is allowed, please call our Reservations and Customer Care team at 1-800-563-2800.  

    March 17, 2020 Over the course of the last several weeks, PAL Airlines has been closely monitoring the ongoing global and domestic effects of the COVID-19 virus. From the beginning, our approach has been founded on a commitment to quickly implement appropriate measures to safeguard our employees while promoting illness prevention and preserving community health in the destinations we serve. In that spirit, PAL Airlines moved quickly to implement additional sanitation procedures for our aircraft and public areas to ensure they meet or exceed all guidelines provided by PHAC. Surfaces such as airport check-in counters, aircraft seats, tray tables, armrests and lavatories are being regularly and thoroughly wiped down and treated with a high-grade disinfectant similar to those used in health care facilities. In addition, we are now regularly fogging our aircraft overnight with a product that adheres to all surfaces and provides disinfectant protection for a 10-day period. Onboard our aircraft and at our check-in counters, PAL Airlines continues to maintain supplies of hand sanitizers and disinfectant wipes. We have also continued to modify our inflight service offerings, most recently restricting our commissary service further to limit on-board interactions. Effective today, we are increasing our illness prevention efforts to now include a short pre-board questionnaire related to COVID-19 that passengers will be required to complete before getting on our aircraft. This questionnaire is an important assessment tool of the passenger’s health relative to Covid-19 symptoms and overall fitness to travel. Also, effective today, PAL Airlines will no longer be accepting passengers returning from abroad seeking to connect directly onto our domestic network until the affected individuals have completed their 14-day period of self-isolation. We agree with and will abide by the Government of Canada’s recommendation that all Canadians currently returning from any travel abroad should self-isolate immediately on return to Canada. If a passenger returning to Canada who has travelled internationally in the previous 14 days presents themselves at a PAL Airlines flight, they will be denied boarding and encouraged to immediately find suitable arrangements that will allow for the completion of the recommended 14-day self-isolation. We encourage any passenger affected by this policy to immediately contact our reservations department at which point PAL Airlines will either rebook them for onward travel at such time as they have completed the recommended self-isolation or offer them a full refund on their purchased fare. PAL Airlines appreciates that these new measures may inconvenience some of our customers. We do, however, feel strongly that disregarding the Government of Canada’s advice in this instance would create an undue risk of exposure to COVID-19 for our passengers, our crew and the communities we serve. PAL Airlines also continues to appreciate that your travel plans may be affected by COVID-19. As such, for tickets purchased before March 4, 2020, for travel before April 30, 2020, PAL Airlines is allowing a one-time change to your reservation without incurring a change fee up to 24 hours before your departing flight. As the circumstances regarding the COVID-19 virus and its public health implications evolve, PAL Airlines will review all of our policies on a continuing basis. We remain committed to doing all we can to provide the safest transportation possible in all aspects of our operation. PAL Airlines appreciates your patience, understanding and loyalty at this time.   COVID-19 Update - PAL Airlines Statement - April 7, 2020