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Checked Baggage

How Many Checked Bags Can I Take on PAL Airlines?

  Basic Standard Flexible Freedom
1st Bag $40 $20 $0 $0
2nd Bag $80 $40 $40 $0
Excess Bags $100 $100 $100 $100

Baggage fees are in CDN dollars plus applicable taxes.


Each PAL Airlines passenger is permitted checked baggage that is in accordance with their booked fare class. Checked bags must not exceed a combined total weight of 50 pounds, and their maximum size must not exceed 62 linear inches. Where a bag exceeds the maximum requirements it can still travel as Excess Baggage (please see rules of carriage for Excess Baggage).

To prepay for your baggage you can call our Customer Care Center at 1-800-563-2800 or baggage payment can be made at the PAL Airlines airport counter at the time of check-in. Should you have any questions about payment, please call our Customer Care Center.


For PAL Airlines passengers travelling with more than two bags, we can accommodate you. Please click here.

PAL Airlines passengers are reminded that Transport Canada regulations require that each piece of luggage has a name tag.