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Accessibility Plan


In order to continually improve our accessibility practises and services your feedback is important to us.  We want to hear from you anonymously or not, our customer service representative will be able to collect the feedback information within these communication channels. Acknowledgement will be received in the same manner as received; please note we cannot acknowledge receipt of anonymous feedback.

Director of Customer Service

PO BOX 29030 RCAF Road, Hanger #1

St. John’s, NF

A1A 5B5

  • By Phone: 1-888- 345- 0444


PAL Airlines is committed to arranging the availability of our communication piece in the formats listed below.  PAL will provide, in a timely manner, these alternate formats.  

  • Audio into Print
  • Print into Audio
  • Large Print
  • Braille (please allow 45 days)
  • Electronic format that is compatible with adaptive technology


Click here to view our Accessibility Plan and Feedback Process

Click here to track our Accessibility Plan Progress.