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Air Cargo Options

PAL Airlines Cargo is proud to offer shipping solutions for all sizes! With over 25 years of experience, PAL Airlines Cargo is trusted to provide professional, reliable and efficient cargo services in every destination we serve. Whether it’s an envelope, small package or large piece of heavy equipment, we treat your cargo with utmost care from the moment it leaves your hands.

We welcome you to explore our various cargo capabilities using the dropdown menu above. For exact rates and personalized service, please call the PAL Airlines Cargo department at 1-888-839-1999 or email


PAL Airlines Cargo General Service offers a reliable and cost effective shipping option. The General Service is suitable for non-urgent and non-perishable cargo. Please allow 3 to 5 business days for shipment to be received from airport to airport.


PAL Airlines Cargo Express Service is designed for time sensitive shipments. This service takes precedent over the General Service and only requires 1 to 2 days for shipment from airport to airport. This period is dependent upon the initial drop off time to PAL Airlines Cargo.


PAL Airlines Priority Service is designed for urgent / time critical shipments and ensures the shipment will be on the next available flight. This service takes precedent over all other options. The Priority Service guarantees your shipment moves from airport to airport on the next available flight.


This PAL Airlines Cargo service is available for envelopes not exceeding 5 Lbs and must be of paper matter only. Please allow one (1) business day from airport to airport.

Pick up / Delivery Service

PAL Airlines also offers a reliable Pick Up and Delivery Service in St. John’s, Goose Bay, and Labrador City – Wabush locations.


To download a PDF of different PAL Airlines Cargo solutions, please click on the link below.

Cargo Solutions PDF.


PALairlines is a participant in the Transport Canada “Air Cargo Security Program”. If you would like more information and to learn how to join the program please visit: