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Taxes, Fees and Charges

Air Transportation Charges

Landing Fee: As a result of the Government imposed landing fee in September 2015, $18.00 plus tax is added to ticket prices for passengers travelling to Postville (YSO), Makkovik (YMN), Hopedale (YHO), Nain (YDP), Rigolet (YRG), Williams Harbour (YWM), Black Tickle (YBI), Charlottetown (YHG), St. Lewis (YFX), Port Hope Simpson (YHA), Cartwright (YCA) and Mary’s Harbour (YMH). This fee is for landing only and will not be added to tickets departing these coastal locations.

Government Fees

Air Travelers Security Charge: The Canadian Government charges Air Travelers Security Charge to flights between the designated airports in Canada where air travel security services are provided by CATSA. For domestic itineraries, the Air Travelers Security Charge is $7.12 CAD plus tax each way, to a maximum charge of $14.25 CAD plus tax per ticket.

Airport Fees

Airport Improvement Fees: Airport Improvement Fees are additional fees charged to departing and connecting passengers at an airport. It is levied by Transport Canada or an airport management corporation; the proceeds are usually intended for funding of major airport improvements or expansion or airport service. PAL collects these fees at the time of ticketing on behalf of the airports; these are reflected in the additional charges portion of your fare. Airports in PAL’s network that include Airport Improvement Fees are listed below.

  • St. John’s, NL / YYT / $42.00
  • Gander, NL / YQX / $35.00
  • Deer Lake, NL / YDF / $25.00
  • Goose Bay, NL / YYR / $20.00
  • Quebec City, QC / YQB / $35.00
  • Montreal, QC / YUL / $35.00
  • Mont-Joli, QC / YYY / $13.00
  • Moncton, NB / YQM / $29.00

All prices listed are per passenger; Note: applicable taxes will be added to each Airport Improvement Fee.

Taxes refer to Goods and Services Tax (GST); Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) in the provinces of Newfoundland and Labrador and New Brunswick; Quebec Sales Tax (QST) in the province of Quebec.