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Packages and Labelling

PAL Airlines Cargo service is recognized for safety, service, and reliability. We handle all of your important documents and materials with the utmost care, but to ensure your cargo reaches its destination in pristine condition, it is your responsibility to do the following:

  • Indicate any special handling requirements on each package (i.e., Cooler, Freezer, Keep from Freezing, Fragile, This Way Up, etc.). We will affix the proper labels, but you must notify us when they are required.
  • Make sure contents are properly protected against breakage or leakage with inner and outer packaging.
  • Properly package and label all perishable items. Due to limited refrigeration facilities at our stations, all perishable items should be properly packaged to maintain optimum internal temperatures while in our care. For cold-storage items, we recommend the use of gel-packs.

PALairlines is a participant in the Transport Canada “Air Cargo Security Program”. If you would like more information and to learn how to join the program please visit: