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Earn and redeem Aeroplan points when you fly with PAL Airlines.

Earn Aeroplan points when flying with PAL Airlines:

Be sure to provide the Aeroplan number for each passenger when you book your flight online or by phone.


Refer to the tables below to see how many points you’ll earn on flights.











Visit the link below to redeem your Aeroplan points to fly on PAL Airlines.

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Corporate Rate Program Clients can contact their assigned Sales Manager to discuss how the Aeroplan program can be incorporated with their account.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Who can earn Aeroplan points when flying with PAL Airlines?

A: All passengers flying on scheduled flights can earn Aeroplan points when flying with PAL Airlines. Certain fare exceptions apply, please see above table.


Q: Which PAL Airlines flights are eligible to earn and redeem Aeroplan points?

A: The entire PAL Airlines network is eligible to earn and redeem Aeroplan points.


Q: How can I earn Aeroplan points when I fly with PAL Airlines?

A: To earn Aeroplan points with PAL Airlines you can either enter your Aeroplan number when booking your flight online, call our reservations department at 1-800-563-2800 at the time of booking, or call your local travel agent, prior to departure.


Q: What if I want to redeem my Aeroplan points for a ticket?

A: To redeem your Aeroplan points for a PAL Airlines ticket, call Aeroplan at 1-800-361-5373 or visit to book.


Q: What if I have questions about my earned or redeemed Aeroplan points?

A: Passengers can call Aeroplan at 1-800-361-5373 to ask questions about points they have earned or redeemed flying PAL Airlines.


Q: Can I earn Aeroplan Status on PAL Airlines flights?

A: All points are non status qualifying miles, meaning that points earned on a PAL Airlines flight do not qualify you for Aeroplan Elite Status.


Q: Who can earn points when booking flights?

A: The passenger who flies with PAL Airlines and provides their Aeroplan number to be associated with their booking will earn Aeroplan points.


Q: If a booking was made prior to March 15th, 2023, can passengers earn points?

A: Please contact our Reservations Department at 1-800-563-2800 and our reservations team will be happy to add your Aeroplan number to your file.


Q: If I travelled and forgot to add my Aeroplan number to my booking, who do I call?

A: Passengers can call Aeroplan at 1-800-361-5373 to add their number to bookings that have occurred in the past.


Q: Are corporate rates eligible for Aeroplan?

A: Unless explicitly specified, corporate rates are not currently eligible for Aeroplan points.