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Special Items

Traveling with Special Items on PAL Airlines

When traveling with non-traditional or special items there are things you need to know. The following will provide some direction for passengers to make the experience easier.


Sporting Equipment

Most sporting equipment is included in your baggage allowance unless the equipment exceeds the 50 lb maximum. Where equipment exceeds the 50lb maximum it will be boarded as excess baggage. A Limited Release Tag is required for all sporting equipment flying with us.

Item Cost   Special Instructions
Hockey Bag Standard baggage fees apply  
  • Must contain hockey equipment
  • Hockey bag and hockey stick are considered one (1) piece of baggage
  • One piece at 50 lbs total
  • A second bag will be accepted however standard fees may apply
Ski Equipment Standard baggage fees apply  
  • Skis and ski bag are considered one piece of baggage at no cost
  • One other piece can be checked however standard fees may apply
Golf Bag Standard baggage fees apply  
  • Golf bag is considered one piece of baggage, standard fees may apply
  • Golf clubs must be in a completely hard sided case
Fishing Equipment Standard baggage fees apply  
  • Fishing rods and tackle box are considered one (1) piece of baggage
  • One other piece can be checked however standard fees may apply
Bicycles $100.00 plus tax  
  • One bike per passenger in addition to the baggage allowance
  • Handlebars must be fixed sideways, pedals removed and tires semi deflated


Transportation of musical instruments

PAL Airlines will allow musical instruments to be carried onboard providing they meet the carry-on size and weight requirements.

Instruments may also be sky checked and/or accepted as checked baggage as long as they are properly packed in a hard sided case and meet the size requirements. PAL will accept instruments as sky check and/or checked baggage if they are not packaged properly (i.e. a soft sided case) provided the passenger agrees to sign an LRT that releases PAL for any liabilities. The instrument must meet the size requirement.

Should musical instruments be damaged or lost during travel, where the damage or loss is the result of mishandling by PAL Airlines, the maximum liability is $2,100.00. In such instances the passenger must provide PAL with proof of original receipt or a professional appraisal. If the passenger declares the monetary value is greater than PAL’s maximum liability, the instrument is required to be shipped through PAL Cargo whereas a declared value can be established

For more information on transportation of musical instruments, please visit:

General Conditions and Tariffs



As per Transport Canada Regulations, rifles and shotguns will be accepted on PAL Airlines as checked baggage only and applicable to baggage fees may apply.

Firearms are acceptable as checked baggage, subject to the following guidelines:

  • The firearm must be unloaded, and must have a secure locking device on the mechanism of the weapon (i.e. the safety lock must be engaged).
  • All checked baggage containing firearms must be affixed with a “Firearm” tag and a “Priority” tag. This assures the passenger that the bag will ride.
  • A maximum of 5 kgs or 10 lbs of ammunition per passenger will be accepted.
  • Ammunition must be securely packaged in a strong outside container of wood, metal, or fiberboard OR in the original inner carton and securely packed inside checked baggage to prevent shifting or accidental functioning.
  • The ammunition must be kept separately from the firearm case.
  • A “Priority” tag and an Ammunition sticker must be applied to the container or suitcase carrying the ammunition.
  • Both hard-sided and soft-sided firearm cases are accepted, providing the case concealing the firearm is locked and all the above policies are followed.

PAL Airlines passengers are required to complete a Firearms Declaration Form once these rules are complied with.