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Communication if Flight is Interrupted

PAL Airlines will keep passengers regularly informed if there is a flight interruption.

PAL Airlines will provide our passengers information, including the nature of the interruption, as soon as possible through the following methods:

  • An audible announcement
  • Flight information display screens in airports, where available
  • The available communication method the passenger has selected (e.g., email, SMS)
  • Persons with disabilities may choose their preferred method of communication within the existing options provided by PAL Airlines

Based on the information available, PAL Airlines will promptly provide timely updates, including the reason for the delay or cancellation, compensation passengers may be entitled to, standards of treatment, and recourses available against PAL, when applicable.

  • If we receive information regarding a flight delay or cancellation, we will communicate to you as soon as possible.
  • We will provide updates at regular intervals of 30 minutes until a new departure time for the flight is set, or new travel arrangements for passengers have been made; and
  • As soon as possible when new information is available.

In the event of an extended delay or a cancellation:

If at any point in the unlikely event PAL Airlines aircraft are delayed on the ground for an extended period of time, PAL Airlines will ensure the comfort and safety of our passengers by providing food, water, and access to working lavatories to our passengers.

For more information on the rights and regulations of communications of delays or interruptions, including tarmac delays please visit:

General Conditions and Tariffs