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Holiday Travel Tips


If you’re travelling with us this holiday season here are some helpful travel tips to make your travel go smoothly.

1. From December 15th until January 9th PAL Airlines will only accept one animal per flight. Book early if you plan to travel with a pet to ensure we can accommodate your request.

2. Please ensure a name tag is attached to every checked piece of baggage.

3. We suggest arriving early at the airport for check in. Especially those who are traveling with infants and animals. This will allow some extra time to get taken care of at our counter and avoid airport congestion.

4. Please remember to have Valid ID for check in. Visit our COVID – 19 travel policies page for more information.

5. Checked bags must not exceed a combined total weight of 50 pounds, and their maximum size must not exceed 62 linear inches. Where a bag exceeds the maximum requirements it can still travel as Excess Baggage.

6. Please ensure sky check items are packaged well as they do travel with all other checked baggage when in-flight.

7. Please do not pre wrap any gifts as they will be subject to security screening and you may be asked to unwrap them. We recommend wrapping at your final destination or choosing gift bags.

Have a great holiday season and we look forward to making your travel as smooth as possible. For any questions please contact our reservations team at 1-800-563-2800.